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Convert your shop to a Midas and enjoy the benefits today! 


As you know there are significant changes happening in the tire distribution industry which is causing uncertainty and potential risks to dealers. Consolidation is altering the automotive aftermarket landscape and will continue to have a material impact on the future of tire sourcing. Independent dealers are having to reevaluate if they are partnered with the right distributors or buying groups that will survive these changes and give them an edge over the competition. 


Having strong distribution helps keep your overhead costs down allowing you to invest in improving your customer experience. Building a successful automotive service business is not easy and earning customers trust is the greatest reward. However, keeping their business requires your shop to have access to the best selection of product at competitive pricing. 


Now is the time to convert your shop into a Midas franchise or consider selling your business to one of our franchisees today. 


TBC Corporation, the parent company of Midas, is one of North America’s largest and most respected tire distributors. The power of the Midas brand is what sets us apart, and our proven business model and distribution capabilities are attracting hundreds of operators just like you who have called to express interest in joining our family.